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Voice Over Talent - Voice Overs - Voice Narration - Voiceover Artist - Voiceovers

Voice Over Talents are the men, women and children who perform in a voice talent studio either in there home or a state of the art recording studio. These voice over talents in their home voice studios usually take direction from a director who will call through a dedicated ISDN voice talent phone line. Most Hollywood voice over studios request an ISDN direct voice or phone patch. So if your serious about becoming a voice over talent and have a career in voiceovers you need to get a ISDN or phone patch line like a Telos Zephyr. Also Voiceover delivery can be formatted for .wav, .mp3 or .aiff. and sent thru FTP download, burned on a cd then sent FedX, or emailed.

Voice Overs come in many different delivers.. Like the Hard sell aggressive voice overs usually your local car commercials are hard hitting and fast paced. The Soft sell more sincere and smooth. Then we also have the Regular Guy voice over or the Guy Next Door voice, like friendly and approachable sell. Voice Overs are delivered by the voice over talent through ISDN to the voice over production studio.

Voice Narration refers to the way a story is told. First Person Voice Narration focalizes through the perspective of a single character. Third First Person Voice Narration is from the observation perspective. Documentary voice narration is not an easy task for the voice over talent. You must reflect mood and fact and your vocal delivery must set a pace and have authority. You must be believable and not sound like your reading a script.. It must flow out of you when speaking. This is one of the most difficult voiceover deliveries to achieve.

Voiceover Artists The voice over artist can now be more accessible through the ever amazing internet. Because of the internet voice over artists can get there voice talents out to the major Hollywood studios who are looking for that right voice for there movie trailer, national spots or documentary read. Today's voice over talent can also join voice talent directories or have there own websites to drive traffic and business for there next voice over jobs. We say... humble be damned.. you are the best advertisement for your own self. So tell the world what you do.. get listed in voice over talent directories... get into a few voice talent agencies, get a web site ..Practice Practice Practice... hone your voice talent. read out loud... anything and everything! Ask questions! email other voice over talents and ask if it would be ok to send them a demo of yourself for critique. Don't be shy .. there are allot of great people and voiceover artist who are willing to help you. Emulate what you like in other voice over talent but be yourself and Tell the world what you do:) Remember you are your best advertiser!

Voiceover Artists that we enjoy hearing (not in any particular order):
Jackson Beck, Peter Thomas, Norman Rose, Daws Butler, W.B. Brydon, Walter Winchell, Don Pardo, Orson Welles, Jack Perkins, Mel Blanc, Danny Dark, James Earl Jones, William Conrad, Ernie Anderson, Edward Everett Horton, Thurl Ravenscroft, Mark Elliot, Gary Owens, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Peter Graves, Bob Johnson, Will Lyman, David Attenborough, Edward Herrmann, Hal Douglas, Don LaFontaine, George DelHoyo, Ashton Smith, Jeff McNeal, Scott Rummell, Joe Cipriano, Andy Geller, Tony Rodgers, Mark Aston, Bill Vogel, Peter Coyote, Rino Romano, Bill Ratner, John Leader, Al Chalk, Ben Patrick Johnson, Nick Tate, Mike Rowe, Erik Nicolaisen, Townsend Coleman, Cedering Fox and Stew Herrera, Dan Ingram, Harry Harrison, Cousin Brucie, Ron Lundy, Chuck Leonard, Jim Quinn, and Dr. Jerry Carroll are just some Voice Over Artists that we admire....
Don Capone

Voice Over Talent, Voice Overs, Voice Narration, Voiceover Artist, Voiceovers
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